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The new century is claimed to bring a new problem to the society-THE PROBLEM OF TERRORISM. This social phenomenon influences the life of many countries, putting the lives of the citizens in danger, creating the feeling of anxiety and insecurity, turning the life of ordinary people into a horror film and making them about war. Government of many countries try TO FIGHT TERRORISM ; but for some strange reason this fight is largely unsuccessful. So, why does it happen ? Everyone is well aware of it that why does it happen : , Now the whole world has proclaimed that we must direct as many efforts as possible to solve this problem. As soon as it happened, Major world countries got involved into a subtle war without any result : the war in Iraq was followed by the war in Afghanistan. Any military conflict involved a lot of money spent and alot of slogans proclaimed. However, the results that was achieved leaves much to be desired.

There can be no excuses, no justification and no rationalization for these acts of mass murder of innocent people. Those who try to excuse, condone or support groups involved in this activity are no better than the terrorists themselves. Such support encourages even more acts like these.
For this reason, we decided to establish an organization and after sincere efforts we successfully eastablished an organization by the name of YOUTH ANTI-TERRORISM ORGANIZATION.
We run AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS AGAINST TERRORISM to promote peace in every corner of the world.
We financially support the suffered families , i.e. widows and orphans without any distinction of color, race and religion.
Our awareness campaigns will target not just terrorists groups, but also their supporters and those who harbor them.Because we think that the terrorists are using young generation for their unacceptable purposes.
We hope that each and every single human being will help us in saving the innocent people and in promoting peace in every corner of the world.
Hoping for the best,
= Muhammad Asif ( Central Chairman )
= Parvez Khan ( Central Senior Vice Chairman )
= Syed Abbas Shah ( General/Information Secretary )

Our Core Values

The Three Priorities that guide YATO' S work are:

Educating Terrorism Suffered Children

We want to see PENS AND BOOKS in the hands of TERRORISM SUFFERED CHILDREN instead of guns on their shoulders. We call upon all the governments to fight TERRORISM and Violence to protect children From brutality and harm, we call upon the developed nations to help us in the expansion of education opportunities for the TERRORISM SUFFERED CHILDREN in the world. We want schools and education for every TERRORISM SUFFERED CHILD'S bright future. We will continue our journey to our destination of peace and education. No one can stop us. We speak not for ourselves but for those who cannot raise their voices because of several reasons.

Run Awareness Campaigns

As the whole world knows that the suicidal attackers are mostly teenagers and young generation because their minds are not mature due to which they can easily be deceived by terrorists, so there was intense need of running awareness campaigns against terrorism in every corner of the world, although it is risky in village type areas but we will not lose our courages and we will not lose our journey to the end, because peace has to win and TERRORISM has to lose.

Financially Support

We give immediate financial help to people who have been seriously injured or bereaved by terrorist incidents. When terrorist incidents occur, it can be hard for the people affected by TERRORISM to get financial help from anyone. The fund will provide an immediate financial help to the people in recovering from injuries and those who have lost their beloved ones in terrorist incidents, we will help them in providing them different kind of skills from which they can earn for their families.