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The new century is claimed to bring a new problem to the society-THE PROBLEM OF TERRORISM. This social phenomenon influences the life of many countries, putting the lives of the citizens in danger, creating the feeling of anxiety and insecurity, turning the life of ordinary people into a horror film and making them about war...

We hope that each and every single human being will help us in saving the innocent people and in promoting peace in every corner of the world. Hoping for the best,
= Muhammad Asif ( Central Chairman )
= Parvez Khan ( Central Senior Vice Chairman )
= Syed Abbas Shah ( General/Information Secretary )

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Keeping the current situation in sight, it is hereby informed and warned all the concerned ( governmental / non governmental ) departments and organization that any employee/member of our organization or any other person using the name and fame or any official documents of our organization for legal or illegal purpose will not be the concern of our organization.
In addition if any our correspondent/member cites the name of our organization for any legal purposes​, then it is hereby requested that kindly verify/attest his/her documents from our organization by post and by Phone as well, because none is entitled to use the name and fame of our organization without duly attestation/verification from the executive board members of our organization.

Board Of Governance

Muhammad Asif

(Central Chairman)